Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches

The other week a few friends and I got together for an impromptu weekday potluck, and naturally I wanted to bring dessert. I had a bit more time on my hands than just buying something from the store but not enough to make something elaborate from scratch. I love the idea of an ice cream sandwich. Whoever first thought of using cookies as a vehicle to deliver ice cream to your mouth is a genius. Continue reading “Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake

I take any opportunity to celebrate so it’s no surprise that I love birthdays. I hardly get that jazzed about my own, but when it comes to celebrating someone else’s, I’ve been known to go over the top. Recently my boyfriend, Zail, turned 24 on Thanksgiving Day, so there was double the reason to bake something special. When I think of birthdays, the first thing my brain goes to is the cake, so Continue reading “Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake”

Pumpkin Challah

My adventurousness in the kitchen started at a very early age. Nothing speaks more to that than my 5th grade science fair project. That year, I decided I didn’t want to build a solar system diorama like everyone else. After some brainstorming and research at the Public Library (remember those?), I landed on my idea of a *cool* project. Perched atop my foam board was a sign that read: “Does baking powder or yeast rise more?”

Continue reading “Pumpkin Challah”