About b + r

insta headshot.jpgWelcome to baked + risen, a food blog that has been cooking up in my mind for oh lets say… ~24 years now and is finally ready to come outta the oven. (I can’t make any promises that this blog won’t be full of half-baked food puns, but please don’t close the browser yet!) I figure I’ll share a few things about myself before we dive into the meat of it (sorry, sorry—stopping now).

I’m Jen—a business consultant by day and very passionate baker and cook by night. I was born in southern California, raised in Memphis, TN, and had four incredible years in Chapel Hill, NC for college before landing where I currently am: Boston, MA. A couple of years ago, I moved up north to my dream city and haven’t regretted that decision for a minute! Something about Boston immediately felt like home. A stranger I met once said to me, “The thing about Boston is that everyone is always up to something.” While that could be true about a lot of places, I think he was spot on.

Some of my favorite past times: baking, eating snacks, discovering new coffee shops, traveling, hosting dinner parties, and dipping things into other things + eating them. If you’ve picked up on a theme here, you’re very sharp! I love food. I once read that there are two kinds of people in this world: people who wake up thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner and people who don’t. I fall squarely in the former category. I grew up in a family where we wouldn’t even finish a meal before planning the next. I like to cook and eat (mostly) healthy day to day, but it’s safe to say I would never turn down a freshly baked scone or a warm cinnamon roll. That’s pretty much how I like to approach food in general, balanced but with indulgences—life’s too short after all!

One of my happiest places has always been in my kitchen, baking early in the morning as the sun rises and the air fills with something sweet and wonderful. Growing up, my mom would constantly yell “Don’t stand too close!” as my forehead was pressed against the oven door. But then the timer would go off, and I promise there’s nothing like taking bread out of the oven and seeing that its baked + risen, perfectly puffed and golden. Maybe that’s just me, but I also think it’s something about how baking feels like part science, part magic. You never know until the end whether it’s all going to shake out. The only thing that makes that feeling better is being able to feed my family and friends. Hopefully, this blog will be a place that I can share some of my kitchen chronicles.